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Mother of Perpetual Help Center
               Nong Bua Lamphu Thailand​

Another young teenager (18) came directly to Villa Marie Hospice for care.  This young man as well as other patients are pretty much blind because of Aids.  After many treatments he was cleared of TB (also a result of Aids).  Here he visits with his uncle in another Province, his uncle also blind and disabled, but continues to live on his own.

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With the ever increasing number of HIV patients at Villa Marie, the expenses for food and over all care is at times daunting.  Help from so many good benefactors in the past has been a blessing for us and so many who seek our help. Our contact page will give further details as to where donations can be sent.  If you wish to make a direct bank transfer into our account please inform ​Brother Damien by email so you can receive a thank you. 

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The first boy to be accepted at the children's home; then to spend several years at Ban Mae Marie.  Reaching the age of 19 he left to find work outside. Later he returned for care at Villa Marie Hospice as he had stopped taking his medications - passed away in 2016.