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Mother of Perpetual Help Center
               Nong Bua Lamphu Thailand​
Mother of Perpetual Help Center and Foundation

Mother of Perpetual Help Center and Foundation is located in Nong Bua Lamphu, Northeast Thailand in the Diocese of Udon Thani about 90 kilometers from the Laos border.

The Center has developed :

.  Villa Marie Hospice Care
.  Mother Mary House for Teenagers and Adults
.  Aids Education Program with Youth in Schools
.  Training Teachers for Aids Education
.  Children's Programs
.  Farm - Adults with Aids Living Accommodation

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Donor Acknowledgements:

D​ivine Word Missionaries & Friends USA
Divine Word Missionaries Australia
Sankt Augustin's Germany
Sankt Gabriel's Austria
Holy Childhood Rome
Propaganda Fidei Rome​​
Misean Cara Ireland
Kindermissionswerk Germany
Ehrbacher Foundation Germany
Missio Austria
Missio Munchen
Missio Aachen
Misereor Aachen​​​​​​​
​Ludwig Weiss Stiftung Germany
Trapp-Dries Familien-Stiftung Germany
Koch Foundation Florida
Raskob Foundation America
Loyola Foundation America
Miva Holland
Porticus Asia - Hong Kong
San Bernardino Diocese Social Concerns
Holy Childhood San Francisco
Mary Immaculate/Athanasius Parish AUS
St. Vincent De Paul Australia
Arnold Janssen Foundation Germany
Benedictus Dominus Foundation Germany
Little Way Association England
Holy Redeemer Catholics Bangkok
Herz Und Mehr - Germany
The Harris Family Australia
Homer Butler Foundation New York
Social Welfare Nong Bua Lamphu
The Grendys Family USA
Parish Mission Collections USA
Steyler Kinderhilfe Stiftung​
Wilma Baumgartner​
+Mary Tan - Bangkok
+Marie Quinland - USA

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Please remember Mother of Perpetual Help Center in your "Last Will and Testament".  This will ensure a long lasting and good future for the Center and all of the Centers' ministries.