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Mother of Perpetual Help Center
               Nong Bua Lamphu Thailand​

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Mother of Perpetual Help Center assists children not only of HIV families, but other poor families throughout the Province of Nong Bua Lamphu, Northeastern Thailand.

Some of the most needy babies and young children, especially of single mothers or HIV positive mothers ​receive a monthly supply of milk and other food supplement to ensure that the child receives enough nourishment for a healthy development.

​​Monthly Sponsorship of Children
​Thirty-eight boys and girls receive a monthly scholarship from families in France.   This scholarship of 18 Euro each month helps the child with transport to and from school as well as with school lunches.



Also from the Center children numbering up to 400 each year participate in another program receiving school uniforms, clothing and other school materials in April. The cost per child is about USD 25 and the school materials are distributed at each of the 6 District HIV group gatherings.  Leaders of the various groups organize and give details of those in most need as well as giving proper sizes of clothing so that they fit properly. Nong Bua Lamphu Province is the poorest economically of the 70 Provinces.  If you wish to contribute toward this needy project please fill in the form below and send to one of our Mission Centers as listed on our "Contact" page. 
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