Two days are spent in each of the 20 schools giving aids education to the rest of the student body in all of the schools.  Those students having gone through the camp are assisting staff from the Center to pass on knowledge to their friends in school.  Students are encouraged to pass on what they have learned to their family and friends in the villages as well.  The Center has good co-operation with Health and Education Government Departments.

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Mother of Perpetual Help Center
               Nong Bua Lamphu Thailand​
Aids Education and Awareness

​Mother of Perpetual Help Center's program to give education and awareness to the youth in schools is now going into it's 13th year.  Starting out on a small scale in local villages, the program has developed into an important and essential ministry of the Center. Over the past 13 years the Center has covered all Junior High Schools throughout the Province of Nong Bua Lamphu - each year giving aids education to the youth in 20 to 25 schools - each year concentrating on one of the 6 Districts.

In 2016 teachers from the schools in the Non Sang District to give 'Aids Education and Awareness to their own students were trained.  The Center 2017 will train teachers from the Suwan Khu Ha District. Having gone through the training exercises, teachers will assist staff from the Center during the follow-up in each of the schools.

Students, 2 boys and 2 girls along with a teacher attend  3 day camps.  During these 3 days many activities take place giving a good education about consequences of aids, the use of drugs and early pregnancies as a result.  Small and large group discussions, sports, questions and answers - students report back to the large group with results from their discussions.​​  Those students taking part in the camp will be helpers of staff from Mother of Perpetual Help Center during the follow-up at each of their schools.