Mother of Perpetual Help Center first opened in 1997 and became a center for persons with aids to come for councelling.  Later as the needs grew the center developed other programs helping HIV families with self help projects - in particular the cattle project - food and education programs to help children - a home for HIV in-fected and abandoned children - a hospice to care for HIV infected adults and later a home for HIV teenagers.  Another priority of the Center over the years has been our "Aids Education and Awareness Program" with the youth in schools throughout the Province of Nong Bua Lamphu and now with the training of teachers and government personnel as well in giving Aids Education with the youth and people in villages.
Villa Marie Hospice caring for HIV/AIDS Adults

Ban Mae Marie (Mother Mary House) caring for HIV teenagers and extension for overflow of Hospice patients from Villa Marie.

Aids Education  Awareness with youth in schools. Training teachers to give Aids Education

Assist children of HIV and poor families with clothing,
school supplies  and food
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VILLA MARIE HOSPICE - our 10 bed care center for HIV infected adults began operation in 2005.  More than 200 patients have been cared for of which about 60 have died over the years.  Now with HIV antiviral medications fewer patients are dying.

BAN MAE MARIE - Since the origin of the home for teenagers a new need has arisen.  With less teenagers coming for care Ban Mae Marie is now open for the overflow of adult patients from Villa Marie Hospice.  Those patients who are homeless due to discrimination from family and friends, but are able to care for themselves are now be accommodated at Ban Mae Marie​​.


Mother of Perpetual Help -

To be a center for development of HIV infected persons as well as the poor in the Province.

To assist homeless and abandoned children with a decent home and
​livelihood with a proper education.

To create and promote awareness of the HIV disease in schools with the youth as a means  for future prevention.​​​​​
Remember Ban Mae Marie and all works of Mother of Perpetual Help Center in your "Last Will and Testament" - by doing so you will help to ensure a good future for the Center.